Founded in 2009, Vista Optronics is a fast-growing company that designs, manufactures and markets premium-quality, optical products for the consumer market. These products include miniaturized cell phone/tablet camera optics, automotive vision systems, and biomedical vision systems. Typically aspheric plastic optics and molded glass optics are employed in these systems and these technologies are readily extended to non-imaging optics and applications such as solid state lighting, automotive lighting, solar cell concentrators and IR imaging systems.

Vista Optronics team consists of world class physicists, optical scientists and engineers (including one member of National Academy of Engineering), highly trained technicians and operators, seasoned sales and marketing team. Vista Optronics values Innovation, Competency and Dedication to Customer Service.

Vista Optronics' core competency is built around a proprietary design optimization algorithm, which the company has distilled from years of experience in developing lens design algorithms for mass production. This statistics-based, High-Yield-Adaptation algorithm (dubbed HYA™ algorithm and reads “Higher”) gives Vista Optronics a strong design and fabrication edge for very-large-scale optical manufacturing tasks. It is not unusual for the ever-growing consumer optics market to require up to 10M units/month.

Other key competencies of Vista Optronics include:

· Advanced mass-production-ready optical and optomechanical design for plastic and glass molded optical  

· Precision mold design and manufacturing; ultra-precision, single-point diamond-turning

· High precision injection molded components

· Ion-assisted coatings for UV, visible, and IR optical components

Vista Optronics is headquartered in Xiamen, China in a 17,000 square foot, R&D and manufacturing facility, which is currently being expanded.